-This Privacy Policy has been compiled to better serve those who are concerned with how their personal data is being used online. 


-Personal Data refers to all and any information relating to you obtained by us in the course of and as a result of the provision of any products and services by us to you. Such Personal Data includes but not limited to your name, mailing address, telephone number(s) and personal email address.We shall treat your Personal Data as confidential and will accord due level of care in accordance with our Privacy Policy statement, and consistent with the Personal Data Protection Act 2012 ("PDPA"). 


-Generally, we collect and use your personal data for any or all of the following purposes:  

  1. 1. performing obligations in the course of or in connection with our provision of the goods and/or services requested by you;
  2. 2. verifying your identity;
  3. 3. responding to, handling, and processing queries, requests, applications, complaints, and feedback from you;
  4. 4. managing your relationship with us;
  5. 5. processing payment or credit transactions;
  6. 6. sending your marketing information about our goods or services including notifying you of our marketing events, initiatives and promotions, lucky draws, membership and rewards schemes and other promotions;
  7. 7. complying with any applicable laws, regulations, codes of practice, guidelines, or rules, or to assist in law enforcement and investigations conducted by any governmental and/or regulatory authority;
  8. 8. any other purposes for which you have provided the information;
  9. 9. transmitting to any unaffiliated third parties including our third-party service providers and agents, and relevant governmental and/or regulatory authorities, whether in Singapore or abroad, for the aforementioned purposes; and
  10. 10. any other incidental business purposes related to or in connection with the above.

 -By using our service, making an application or visiting our website (www.endecor.sg), you consent to the collection and use of your information and other activities as outlined in this policy. 


-Under the Personal Data Protection Act , individuals have the right to withdraw your consent to the use of your personal data for marketing purposes and we shall not use your personal data for marketing purposes after you communicate your withdrawal of consent to us. 


 -You may exercise your opt-out right by notifying us if you wish to withdraw your consent to the use of your personal data for direct marketing purposes. Please send request to opt-out by sending us an email.
 -We may revise this Policy from time to time without any prior notice. Your continued use of our services constitutes your acknowledgement and acceptance of such changes.